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Makeup for Oily Skin – Revamp your Beauty

I had acne-prone skin but I still wanted to look my best. I think that every women feels that way especially when they are experiencing breakouts. I know many have heard people say, “you’re not suppose to wear makeup when your skin is covered in breakouts!” This is true because you’re suppose to let your skin breathe. But what if your acne seems to never go away no matter what you do to treat it? Trust me, I know the struggle.

I begin to use makeup once I was in college because I disliked going to class and seeing bumps and redness on my skin. I wanted my skin to look normal as it used to in the past. However, I decided if the acne wouldn’t disappear on its own then I would just cover it with makeup. I would use light makeup to cover mainly the redness on my skin.

Furthermore, I wanted better skin and I wanted to be able to use makeup without making my skin any worse. Therefore, through trial and error I was able to find products that worked for my skin type.

Always Prime Your Skin First

It is important to use primer prior to applying your makeup. Before I first got into makeup I would always skip the primer step because I didn’t really know about it. Due to my acne, the makeup would just show up over my bumps but it did not look smooth. I thought my skin looked great because it was covered but I was missing the most important step in my routine, primer.

A primer can help smooth out imperfections and this is necessary when you are trying to cover your acne or those fine wrinkles.

A huge benefit of using a primer is that it acts as a barrier for your skin between the makeup. Also, if you begin to wear a lot of makeup daily, you do not want to clog your pores.

Another pro of using primer is that it will have your makeup such as powder/foundation stay on longer. Applying a primer before you apply your foundation/powder will help with longevity which is important since you do not want to keep having to get up and go to the restroom to apply your makeup during date night or when you’re out with friends.

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Don’t Overdo Powder

Due to my skin being oily for the most part I mainly used powder makeup because if I didn’t I would be greasy ball during the summer months. However, I knew I could not go to a family cookout with a face covered in oil and not just the T-zone. So I always used powder makeup until a few years ago when I was shown a trick if I wanted to wear a liquid foundation.

For all of you makeup lovers, you know the difference between using liquid foundation and powder. There’s just a different glow on your skin depending on which you prefer. However, I liked applying liquid foundation but I knew that during the summer months I had to be careful because the heat with oily skin was a bad combination.

My first liquid foundation was from Nars and it made my skin feel so beautiful that it didn’t cause any breakouts and it also gave me a glow I had never seen with powder makeup.

Whenever I used a liquid foundation I made sure to apply one layer of powder makeup all around to set the liquid foundation. Ever since I’ve been doing this and using both I have not had an issue with my face looking oily.

However, by overdoing powder to set your makeup you are allowing it to magnify the lines on your skin. Therefore, the less you use the better.

Use Concealer

Many people use concealer for two reasons: to cover under-eye circles and blemishes but you may also use concealer to cover scars, birthmarks, and for uneven skin tone.

The concealer that you use for your face you want to make sure that it matches the foundation that you are using. Concealer for under-eye can be one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

I was once exposed to correctors and after realizing how great they are I have always used them depending on my skin issue. Correctors are a great way to neutralize your skin tone. There are five corrector colors: green, yellow, peach, lavender, and salmon.

Learning how to read which corrector you need to use depends on the issue your are having with your skin. For example, if you are experiencing a lot of redness you will need to apply the green color corrector to reduce the redness. If you are experiencing a mild stubborn redness or rosiness on your skin you will need the yellow color corrector. For dark circles you will need to use the yellow or peach color corrector. If you have dark circles and are of fair to light complexion you will need the salmon color corrector. If you are having issues with yellowness and/or sallowness use the lavender color corrector.

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Finish with Setting Spray

It’s formulate is to keep excess shine at bay while reducing the need for makeup touch-ups or oil-blotting sheets. Also, depending on the brand you use depends on how long it will last. I begin using setting sprays a few years ago because I remember going to a family cookout and hugging a relative that was wearing a white t-shirt to see my entire face on his shirt, ha! Of course, he did not mind but I did. So I asked my friends what did they use to prevent their makeup from getting on people’s clothes and they all recommended different types of setting sprays in which I found the brand I use until this day.

You are Beautiful

Regardless of how you may feel one day, just know that you are beautiful! Even if you are having a rough skin day, tomorrow will be better. Soon we will know what works and what does not work for you. Before you know it, you’ll be acne free!


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