Skin Care

Skin Care – Hacks for Oily Skin

Many times we have so much going on with our lives that we forget how to properly care for our skin. The season changes, we’re out late with friends, we’re too tired to remove our makeup, or we binge watch Netflix with junk food. We get so caught up with our day-to-day activities that keeping our skin routine tends to get in the way.

Skin care has a lot to do with how we look day-by-day. However, today I will write about a few hacks that I have learned along the way. I was always taught to wash my face every morning and night, but as I got older and begin to experience acne I knew there was more to my skin care routine that I needed to do.

Washing my face every morning and every night was not enough to clear my skin from the breakouts I begin to experience my senior year in high school. However, I knew I needed to implement a skin care routine that worked for my skin type. I’ve always had oily skin and there are many benefits to my skin type. One of them being that I won’t age as quickly, ha-ha. So I will put up with all the extra shine my skin has to offer 24/7. Therefore, I will need to find products that work for me in order to look and feel my best every day.

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The food you consume makes a big difference, especially when you have acne. However, there is not a direct correlation with junk food and acne, there is a correlation with dairy products and acne. It is important to pay attention to what you eat and whether it is causing you acne or any other health issue. It is also critical for your overall health and your acne to drink plenty of water. How much water should you be drinking daily? Well, that depends on your height and weight and whether you’re a female or male. However, it is important to drink water and to pay attention to the food you eat.

Another important factor when dealing with acne is STRESS. I cannot stress this enough find things that help you reduce your stress. Stress can lead to many other health issues if not properly managed. However, it is important to manage it. No matter how big or small it seems, take some time out of your busy day to do something that you enjoy, such as a hobby. Do things that you enjoyed prior to school and/or work.

At the end of the day, do not let a small pimple on your face prevent you from going out!

Skin Care Routine.

Start out with a morning and nighttime skin care routine. If you do not wear makeup, you can skip certain steps. If you would like to know what steps to implement into your morning and nighttime skin routine you can read my post at How to Get the Perfect Skin- Daily Routine. I have explained each step thoroughly for you.

However, depending on the season you may need to change your skin care routine. This is something to keep in mind if you notice your skin to look flaky during the cold months. One thing that I have learned with my skin care routine is to avoid using oils during my morning routine and instead use them at night when my skin actually needs them. Oily skin produces and excess of oil glands in the morning. Therefore, I usually wait until the evening to apply any facial oils from my routine.

Always pay attention to your skin and what works and what doesn’t work for it.

The Food You Consume.

A healthy diet plays a huge role on how great your skin looks. You may even have a natural glow because of how healthy you eat. However, not every meal will give you a glow if you only consume junk food. Your skin produces what’s within so if you’re only consuming processed food than your face will not have a natural glow to it.

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As the saying goes, “you are what you eat.” Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of how your acne is at the moment. Your acne will eventually fade one day and you will only be left with memories. Eat home cooked meals and stay away from processed food.

The healthier you eat, the healthier you’ll feel.

Manage Stress.

My journey with acne really taught me some things I would have probably never figured out until it was too late. I learned to manage my stress. Some studies indicate that there is even a “stress acne” that one gets when they are STRESSED! However, prior to attending professional school, I had already developed ways to reduce stress in which actually helped me tremendously while in school.

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I learned to take a break from whatever it was that was stressing me out. I found hobbies that I truly enjoyed that would take my mind off the situation that I was stressing. I learned how to do my nails, makeup, cook, monetize my use of social media, and found some very interesting books to read.

When I started professional school, I knew what to do whenever I felt stressed, BREAK TIME! It was truly my favorite time because I knew once I took 30 minutes to an hour break I would be really to go. Everyone’s journey is different but along the way you will learn so much about yourself. Which is way it’s your journey and therefore you should enjoy it.

Embrace Your Skin.

This goes back to your journey. Everyone gets breakouts, however, the way you look should never prevent you from living your life to your full potential. There were some days, that I would wake up and experience so much redness on my skin. It was rough but I had things to do and if I didn’t do them than they wouldn’t get done. I had no choice but to leave my house and look red all day. I didn’t care what others had to say or how others stare at me. I didn’t wear makeup when I had acne because I felt that it would only make my skin worse.

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No matter how many stares I received from people I knew this was my journey and eventually it would be over. At the end of the day, you have to realize that people are always ready to criticize you no matter what. As long as you understand that everyone is dealing with something it will be easier for you to know that everything in your life will be okay. Your acne will soon fade away and you will than be able to helps others handle their skin care issues.


Enjoy your journey and never let what others say affect you.

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  1. great information. I really took the way you eat is the way you feel. i agree. You feel very different from eating a cheeseburger than a fresh caesar chicken salad. Felling good is very important.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your feedback. I honestly believe that is important. What you eat makes a difference in how you feel.

  2. Kenechi says:

    Your article was a good one. There are many ways to ensure that the skin looks fresh and healthy and not looking older than our age. First and foremost is our diet intake. What we consume matters a lot and it contributes on ageing process. If we eat well,  we won’t age quickly and will always stay healthy. 

    1. Nia says:


      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. I completely agree with you 100%!

  3. Louis says:

    Thanks for the information you’ve given out on this post. I also have oily skin and I wasn’t happy with it, until I read that it means I’ll age slower. So, thanks for making me feel good about my oily skin.

    There is much more emphasis now on eating right than ever before. And I totally agree with you, we really are what we eat. I had to deal with acne in my teens, was very uncomfortable with people making derogatory comments because of my acne.

    Thankfully, those years are long gone and knowing I’ll age slower, I can feel happy with my oily skin.

    Thanks for sharing, absolutely loved reading this.

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Louis, 

      Thank you for reading my post. I’m glad I’ve given you one of many reasons why you should be happy with your oily skin. There truly is an emphasis on eating healthier now than ever before. 

  4. ajibola40 says:

    Thanks for this article on the love skin. You really said many things in this article and I know many will find it useful in other to take good care of there skin from now on. But there another very important activities that help the skin that human need to be doing everyday which is getting enough of sleep between 7 to 8 hours daily because the sleep hormone melatonin begins to rise a few hours before bedtime, enhancing the feeling of tiredness as well as increasing our skin’s ability to repair itself at night.thanks 

    1. Nia says:


      Thank you so much! Yes, I have another article in which I have linked to this post that talks about getting 7-8 hours of sleep. There are plenty of other factors that may contribute to acne. however, I decided to focus on these that many people overlook. 

  5. Gracen says:

    Hello Nia, I must say that I am guilty of not removing my makeup sometimes due to fatigue. Are you serious about oily skin types not aging quickly? I hate my oily skin, because it mostly ruin my make-up. 

    You are absolutely right about stress, to me it is the major contributor of acne breakout, I will also add insufficient sleep, I remember when I was writing my postgraduate thesis, it requires staying awake most of the nights to do research as my kids wouldn’t give me breathing space during day time, I experienced lots of acne breakout then.Thanks for your tip on healthy skin care routine and for also letting us know that the food we consume plays a major role on our skins.

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Gracen, 

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I understand, removing makeup can be a hassle, especially when you’re wearing eye makeup. Yes, people with oily skin do not age as fast as others with other skin types. 

      Stress is involved in our every day lives. Learning how to balance it is important. I’m glad you were able to get through your research paper. I’m actually working on a research paper this semester.  

      I’m glad to be able to help. 

  6. Vapz says:

    Thank you so much for this skin care hacks for oily skin. I stopped the use of any moisturizer, oil or cream on all parts of my body over 10years ago,apart from my palms and feet because they are rather usually dry ,I don’t apply nothing even on my face because of my oily skin. I recently started having break outs, tiny pimples that don’t ripen before they get blackheads or dry up. I have realized that I was stressing so much while not even noticing it. I would apply your hacks and see which ones help more then stick to it. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Vapz, 

      Thank you. Please use moisturizer on your skin. It’s important, just because you have oily skin does not mean you should stop wearing moisturizer. 

  7. Sammynathaniels says:

    Hi Nia, this has been a great and helpful article on acne and our skins.

    We are truly what we eat and we need to take daily skin care routines to prevent acne. But what if we had them already and and they aren’t going away and we would love to get rid of them. What should we do?

    Some of us have dead skin cells on our skins forming dark spots that some methods of exfoliation won’t help. Can just daily skin care routines get rid of them? Or is that how our skins were supposed to be?

    It is however encouraging to know that we should embrace our skins and feel okay in them. It is our own covering anyway.

    Have a nice week.

    With regards,


    1. Nia says:

      Hi Sammy, 

      Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you 100%. I wrote a post on tea tree oil. Tea tree oils helps fight acne and reduce dark spots. Let me know when you get a chance to read that post. 

      There are always ways to help your skin look better. Depending on the products you use, what you eat, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, etc. 

  8. Grant says:

    My skin is weird.  I can tan on my body, but not on my face.  I burn on my face, and always have.  And my nose seems to break out whenever I put anything on it to protect it.  Sunscreen, for instance.  I’m outside a lot, riding my bicycle, and my helmet doesn’t protect my face from the effects of the sun and weather.  It just protects my noggin.  I put on sunscreen, and inevitably my nose breaks out.  

    I don’t have oily skin, except for my nose; I have mostly dry skin.  Lotions help, but again, not on my nose.  I put lotion on, and inevitably in the morning I’ll have acne on my nose.  Sigh.  The saving grace is that at my age I’m not too worried about it anymore.  I just live with it.  Any recommendations for my oily nose?

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Grant, 

      What type of products do you use on your face? I wrote a post of products that contain tea tree oil. Maybe you can try a product with tea tree oil to see if that will help your oily nose? Let me know if you have any additional questions. 

  9. Anthony Hu says:

    Dear Nia,

    Thanks for your informative post on skin care. You are right that the skin health is overall health of our body. We need to have holistic approaches to maintain our skin health. My skin is not smooth and occasionally there are acne on my face. You remind me that I have a bad habit, go to bed late and usually go to bed after 12 am. Do you think this could be the main reason why I have skin issues?

    My life is relatively easy and my job is not stressful. Overall I enjoy my life and eat healthy food. I need plan to change my habit of sleeping late. Do you have any good suggestions on this?

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Anthony, 

      Thank you for your feedback. Many factors can contribute to your acne. Just because you go to bed late does not indicate that is the main cause of your acne. Do you have a face wash morning and nighttime routine that you do? 

  10. akshaysaxena says:

    Awesome article, Nia. Maintenance of our skin is a big issue. You’ve hand holded and guided with every bit and pieces of useful information, who doesn’t know much about skin care. 

    Myself being a past skin patient, I had psoriasis. I can tell how bad you feel when your skin is not OK. Now, I take sufficient care of my skin. Yours article came to me as an added motivation to take more action steps. 

    you’re right while pointing our about stress. Oh, stress is too harmful, it even causes hair fall issue. Water is most important cure to skin, but some countries faces water issues, they don’t provide clean water, so it’s also required to be conscious about the water we use. 

    Thank you for sharing this article, I’ve found other article useful as well. Looking forward to more of such. Are you also going to talk about hair fall issue in future? Looking forward to it. 



    1. Nia says:

      Hi Akshay, 

      I’m sorry to hear about your past skin condition. I’m glad you found my article helpful. Stress is very common in our society so I try to mention how important it is to learn how to balance it. Unfortunately, I will not write on hair lost because my blog is mainly about skin care. Thank you for asking. 

  11. Adamu2 says:

    Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.this article taught us how to take good care of our skin,what to eat and how to maintain weather its a oily skin or not. Health is wealth, changing of skin routine was actually good, I had a great result when I started applying  cream at night.thank you for this great article. I will bookmarks and send to friends and alsobrrad all over again. 

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Adam, 

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m glad you were able to find my post helpful. Let me know if you have any questions in the future. 

  12. Alice says:

    I have come to the right place for some help on skin care, thanks for the tips.

    I have a combination type skin: normal to oily and that is why as much as possible I avoid using excessive moisturizer and I make sure to wash my face in the morning and evening. Everything seems to be okay until a few weeks ago when I noticed some small pimples on my forehead and on both sides of my face, particularly near my ears. I was horrified because I never had this problem before.

    Anyway, I tried changing my facial wash and even after washing my face at night, I also use a facial cleanser just to make sure my face is clear from oils and dirt. My colleagues said it’s normal to have some pimples especially when nearing your monthly period but this is not normal for me because this is the first time I am having them (small pimples).

    Am I stressed? Perhaps. By the way, I do not wear make up to work. Instead, I use loose powder. But I read somewhere that applying loose powder continuously could make the skin dry which in effect will cause our body to produce more oils to combat its effect. Is this true? And what kind of face powder or compact do you suggest for people with oily skin 

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Alice, 

      Thank you for your feedback. It’s common to experience pimples during that time of the month. However, if you’ve never experienced any breakouts in the past then it could be something you’re doing that’s causing this breakout. Do you sleep on the side where you’re experiencing the pimples? I wrote another post on changing your pillowcase/bedsheets once or twice per month. For a loose powder I would recommend bare Minerals. 

  13. Babsie Wagner says:

    Dairy products cause so many problems with health, from chronic inflammation to mucus buildup to acne, yet the industry continues to tout it as being so important to health and great for kids, when nothing could be further from the truth.  I’d love to do a whole website on the evils of dairy products.  It’s criminal, but with that much money, the diary industry wins and everyone remains ignorant.

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Babsie, 

      I completely agree with you. I remember being younger and hearing parents tell their kids how important it was to consume diary products every day. Little did they know that after a certain age it’s no longer “healthy” for a teenager/adult. However, let me know if you ever get to writing that website. I’d love to check it out. 

  14. Barbara says:

    I have long passed my stage of teenager acne but I have alwasy had oily skin and prone to acne. Now in my older days, not too old (lol) but not young anymore I still suffer of some breaking with acne ervy now and then and I know it is caused by stress. It is good to read your post and be reminded that when we are stressed we should not matter what take a break and go back to a place in our mind where we can be at peace becasue it is so true that your skin can reflect so much your mental state. 

    Great post, I truly enjoyed reading it

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Barbara, 

      Thank you for reading my post. You are as young as you feel 🙂 ha. I think it’s important to maintain a balance and that requires us to take breaks.

  15. mhasanalvi says:

    Hi Nia,

    I have read the whole article about Skin Care – Hacks for Oily Skin

    There is a proverb ”Health is Wealth” so we should be concern to proper care for our skin.This is an amazing article.I like this article very much as i have also many skin problems and my skin is too oily.After reading your article i found the best solution of my skin problems.By reading this article one should be aware for his skin care and Surely he will be learn how to take good care Of our skin.This article is an eye-opener for those people who are not aware of their skin care.Thank you very much for sharing such an informative post.I will share this article with my friends and relatives.

    1. Nia says:


      I completely agree. It’s important to be aware of our skin type and how to do things that work for us. Thank you for your feedback.

  16. Alisha says:

    I completely understand this, with my oily skin and everything. Stress is probably my biggest cause! When  I get a large zit I look at how my week has been and that usually explains it. This article is very inspiring and really makes me look at my daily routine from skin care to exercise to diet much more closely. 

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Alisha, 

      Thank you for your feedback. Skin care, exercise, and diet all play a huge part in how we look and feel. 

  17. Fasuan says:

    Great post and excellent writeup about skin care hacks for oily skin. I was impressed by your writeup because at first I thought I was going to see recommendations to creams and sprays for oily skin but instead your ideas are wonderful and I would love to try every bit of it. Wonderful website you got here, keep up the good works. 

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Fasuan, 

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I am an affiliate marketer, however, I do like to inform my audience of ways to balance their acne. I’m glad you found my post helpful. Let me know how it works out for you when you try any of my skin care hacks.

  18. Josh says:

    Great tips! Stress is a major contributor to all kinds of problems, ranging from skin care, to weight management, to mental health.  Most people do not pay enough attention to this and the effect that stress has on our lives and our interpersonal interactions.

    Pursuing a hobby, working out, getting enough sleep…these things will help with not just stress but our overall health.

    You seem to have a good amount of knowledge and a plan in place.  I’d love to see some articles about how you go deeper into the areas that affect skin care that you have mentioned.  It would be good for a reader to be able to connect their skin care to other areas of their lives, how they are all connected and that some simple life changes can go a long way!

    Great read!  Keep up the good work!

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Josh, 

      Thank you so much for your feedback and advice! I will slowly work my way through all of those areas. I have briefly touched on them in my other posts. However, thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

  19. Dave Sweney says:

    I have oily skin so this skin hacks for oily skin post was very timely for me. I am older, but look darn good still because of the oily skin (Okay, I am a legend in my own mind hehe)…Seriously, this article was very useful as lately, I have been experiencing some breakouts which have not happened for years.

    Based on your advice and practicing a little introspection, I have to conclude it may be due to stress and the diet I am following. These are the two factors that I can pinpoint. Therefore, I will follow what you advise and change up the diet and handle the stress a bit more effectively (or try to anyway).

    People that have oily-skin can be a little self-conscious about this, but as you say, it can help keep you looking younger for real as the years (and decades) go on. For those of us that cannot afford expensive and risky plastic surgery, it is actually an advantage over those dry-skinned sandpaper or leathery-skinned dudes and dudettes.

    Your last bit of advice is perhaps the best of all: Enjoy the journey and don’t be affected by what others say about you. Just be yourself 100% and those that accept you, great, and those that don’t, their loss. This is my attitude as well. I really enjoyed this easy-to-read article and I learned a lot. Thanks!

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Dave, 

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I am glad my post was able to help you pinpoint those two areas in which you should handle to avoid breakouts. Let me know if you have any questions in the future and if your breakouts disappear. 

      I’m just going to laugh at “dry-skinned sandpaper” because I have no comment LOL. Thank you for that laugh. As always, accept who you are no matter what! 

  20. Wealthfather says:

    Great Content and InformationThanks for this concise and thorough article.

    I have always had an oily skin since my childhood days and I have been finding lasting solution to it  but I was told it has its benefits thesame way you were told. I appreciated the fact that you shared the skin care hacks. oily skin might be good but its obvious its cons outweighs its pros.

    Thanks for giving out the insightful information on the diet intake, I must say this is an eye opner for me.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Nia says:


      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. Yes, there are many pros and cons to every skin type, however, I’ll take my oily skin any day over the other skin types. Learning what works for your skin type is the key in reality. 

  21. Nuttanee says:

    I have a normal skin and I always never have any problem with acne. However, once I turned 32 all hell broke loose. My skin regimen is exactly the same but I just kept getting these pimples and they refused to leave my face and now I have scars 🙁 I noticed though that I my face is oilier than my younger me which is funny. I think the main factor for me is stress lol Will try to eat better and manage my stress 🙂 thanks for the tips!

    1. Nia says:


      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am so sorry to hear that you are now experiencing breakouts. Please try these hacks I have included and let me know if they work for you. 

  22. Samm says:

    Hi Nia

    Thanks for sharing this skin care tips. Even though i’m a man, i still take care of my skin and normally just by wash my face twice a day to avoid drying my skin. 

    I don’t use moisturizer so normally I will choose my food carefully and avoid junk food like you mention in this article, “you are what you eat.” After all, eating good food is good not only for your skin, but also for your body.


    1. Nia says:

      Hi Samm, 

      Thank you for your feedback. I totally agree with you. Eating good works for your skin and your overall health. It’s a win-win situation.

  23. Madhav Thapa says:

    Thanks Nia for the wonderful article. This really explains a lot as to why I have got so many pimples on my skin haha. I also think I have found the top reason for my skin to have more pimples and it is probably all the stress with the work and home environment I have been facing for the past few weeks. 

    Also is there any product that you can recommend me so that I can have a better skin?

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Madhav, 

      Thank you for your feedback. I hope you’re able to catch a break with all the stress you’re dealing with. However, I have other blog posts that can answer your question about products to use. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  24. Yormith96 says:

    Hi there, this another great post from you about skin care. Let say apparently we are all used to washing our face in the morning and night before going to bed. We sometimes believe is the best way to make the face cleaned and fresh from the cream, makeup and probably stress of the day. It’s been working over ages for some people. But reading your article now has added to my knowledge on how best to take of skin, even in the aspects of the food am eating 

    1. Nia says:


      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post. I’m glad you found it informative. 

  25. Dale says:

    This is a real hit home sort of article for me.  I am 51 and have suffered from acne since I was 13.My acne was so bad that I couldnt recognize my face because of all the pimples on my face.  It was so bad that I actually had to use accutane for almost a year.I am not sure if you know what Accutane is but it is one of the worst and last case scenario drugs when it comes to acne.Thank you for this article.  You hit a lot of great points and honestly I think the point about stress is the most important one.Dale

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Dale, 

      Thank you for your feedback. I have heard of accutane, however, I never had to use it. I’m glad you found my post useful. 

  26. Olalekan says:

    Thanks for sharing this article on skin care. The smoothness of our body skin is a function of the good food we take in. I agree with you that good diet plays an important role in keeping our health and body skin in good condition. Bad diet makes one look older than one’s age. Eating fruits and vegetables makes our skin to be glowing. I eat fruits a lot. Also exercising our body keeps our skin fresh. I will share this post with my friends. You did a great job. 

    1. Nia says:


      Yes, a good diet helps with a lot of things especially our skin care. Thank you for . your feedback.

  27. Kristin says:

    Hey Nia!

    So i have PCOS although it was pretty much hidden by birth control. When I stopped taking birth control, my hormones went even crazier with the PCOS and my skin went crazy. Not only am I breaking out on my face when I never have before, I have body acne on my upper back (I call it bacne!) and even in my hairline on my neck and temples. My doc said my condition causes it sometimes. Do you think your hacks will help? I eat well already and try not to stress, but I’m just not sure how to help the bacne. Your thoughts on using oily products at night instead of in the morning– do you think that applies to shampoo as well? Thanks so much!

    1. Nia says:


      I wrote a blog post on acne and birth control as well. However, I can research this bacne for you because I have never experienced it and let you know. Thank you for your comment.

  28. Henry says:

    Hi! I have arrived at the same conclusion you cited here: “We must always pay attention to our skin and what works and what doesn’t”.

    I also have an oily skin. And skin care routine must bear in consideration many elements. I was not acquainted with all of them: adapt our routine to the season, when to apply any facial oils, differentiate morning and nighttime routine.

    I had never heard before that oily skin won’t age as quickly as other types of skin. Is this a fact or where you just kidding?

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Henry, 

      Thank you for your comment. Everyone’s skin is different so just because I recommend one product does not mean it will work for everyone with oily skin. Due to oily skin one does not age as often, it keeps you looking young. 

  29. Hey Nia!

    I have noticed that my skin is getting worse if I eat unhealthy, especially sugary things. When I was a kid, I didn’t have that problem. So that is really true what you said, you are what you eat!

    I admire how strong you are! When my acne was really showing, I wasn’t strong enough to be without makeup. I had to cover it up even if I knew that wasn’t good for my skin. I quess I think too much what other people are thinking about me.

    Thank you for this great article! 🙂

    1. Hi Mira,

      No problem. We all deal with our acne differently. However, we all want the same results, CLEAR skin 🙂

  30. Tolu says:

    Thanks Nia. Thumb up to you. I like your post. You have said it all. We all need to pay close attention to our skin. This start by first understanding one skin type; failure to do this can cause ache and make one old faster. In my case, I have dry skin, and to look at my best, I always include fruits especially orange in my meal. taking fruit and avoiding stress as much as possible can make a big difference. Stress is unavoidable, but it can be managed. I think the washing of the face also helps. Great piece

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Tolu, 

      I completely agree with you, stress is unavoidable but it can be managed. I actually just took a vacation and did not have any access to wifi, therefore, I am replying to all of my comments today. Vacations/breaks are a must at least once every 3 months.

  31. azaliha says:

    Hi Nia,Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge. I have an oil skin since teenager and have experienced chronic acne for more than 10 years. But eventually my skin getting better now but I still suffered from acne scars. Hope you can share with us, how to remove these scars. Thank you Nia and hope your skin knowledge be able to help me and the others. Azaliha

    1. Nia says:


      I wrote a blog post on tea tree oil for acne. Tree tea oil also helps with acne scars. Let me know once you read my post and if you have any other questions. 

  32. Seun Afotanju says:


    Thanks for this eyeopening and informative post, I do have an oily skinbut I have never liked it and have always wanted a dry skin just like you did but after finding out from your post on the benefits of having an oily skin,i think I love myself already because I don’t wanna age on time, I’ve also noted taking lots of water and reducing daily stress. Good job! 

    1. Nia says:


      Thank you for your comment. Learn to love your skin 🙂 there are many perks to it. Drinking water and managing stress play an important role on how your skin looks. 

  33. Topazdude says:

    I really appreciate this helpful post on Skin Care- Hacks for Oily Skin. I have combo normal/oily skin, but I find myself need to worry about my oily skin which I find a good oil control powder which definitely helps keeps it fresh even as a man, although I use little. Yes, I learnt that people with oily skin do not age as fast as others with other skin types, am happy with that. Stress is involved in our every day lives, is also a factor we have to see too. Learning how to balance it is important. I actually acknowledge many of the tips here for my skin care, in the case of healthy diet which plays a huge role on how great your skin looks. In which we may even have a natural glow because of how healthy we eat. Although am a bachelor with many activities per day, but stillI tried to have a health diet at all cost. Thanks for your tip on healthy skin care routine. They are amazing and helpful. Thanks.

    1. Nia says:


      Thank you for your feedback. I am glad that you have found a routine that works for you. It seems as if you have figured it out. I am glad you were able to relate to the tips I have listed here. 

  34. Andrea says:

    Hey Nia!
    Lovely message, not only about skin care tips, but also about self love.

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the blog.

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