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Tea Tree Oil – Steps on How to Use on Your Skin

Hello Beauties,

I hope your summer is going well and you are keeping your skin moisturized. I know that it is summer and we need to focus on the beauty of our skin by applying products that benefit our skin.

For the past month, every night I have been applying Tea Tree Oil to my skin care routine. The results have been amazing! Therefore, I wanted to share with you all the benefits of using Tea Tree Oil when you want to keep your skin beautiful and glowing.

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How to Apply Tea Tree Oil on the Face

I have been using three steps when it comes to applying Tea Tree oil on my face.

Step one: every evening, using lukewarm water cleanse your skin with a cream or foaming wash using sweeping circular movements. This allows your skin to a thorough cleanse. Further, make sure you are using a face wash that works for you. I have been using a Tea Tree Oil face wash that works wonders on my skin because it cleanses away make-up, bacterial, and dirt without the need to scrub the skin.

Step two: after cleansing your skin make sure you are using a suitable toner which will help freshen the skin. This step will also remove any excess cleanser on your skin. Make sure to apply your toner with a cotton pad so you can see the excess that remains on your skin prior to this step. Make sure you are using a product that is suitable for your skin type and/or acne.

Step three: the final step is to apply tea tree oil that is diluted to your skin. I have been using Tea Tree Oil for the past week as a spot treatment and the results are amazing. My skin has cleared and it has also removed dark spots from breakouts. Further, make sure you do not apply tea tree oil directly on your skin without diluting it first. You can dilute Tea Tree Oil with a carrier oil, such as: almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil.

Drink More Water

For the past month, I have also avoided drinking any sugary drinks. I wanted to see how my skin would look if I tried a week of only drinking water. Thus far that week of only drinking water turned into the whole month of July. It’s summer and it’s very hot! So you may want to drink sodas or margaritas, haha. However, by just drinking water I have noticed a difference in my skin. I know the Tea Tree Oil is clearing my skin on the outside but what I drink and eat also makes a difference. USA, LLC


One thing that I noticed about using Tea Tree Oil was that it actually dries out the skin. I have very oily skin and its hard to find a product that makes my skin feel dry. Mainly because of this reason I only apply Tea Tree Oil on my skin once a day at night and as a spot treatment. Prior to applying Tea Tree Oil on my face I read many blogs and article that indicated that Tea Tree Oil hydrates the skin. To the contrary it actually has had the complete opposite result for me. I think because it dries out my skin rather than hydrate it, it has been beneficial to my skin. For this particular reason, I find using my moisturizer very important for my skin.

My skin is looking a lot better this summer and I have been told that there is a glow to my skin. When people stop me and ask about my skin care routine I always tell them I’m using Tea Tree Oil because it actually works for my oily skin type. A lot of people do not believe that a drop or two of this oil can have many perks.

Side Effects

As with every product there are always some type of side effects. For the most part, Tea Tree Oil is safe for most people to use on their skin, however, it may cause skin irritation and/or swelling. Before testing out a new product I always do a patch test.

I simply apply a small amount of a product I want to use on my face to the side of my neck and wait 24 hours to see if I have any side effects. If nothing happens within 24 hours than it’s safe for me to apply it onto my skin. Everyone is different, so please make sure before trying anything that you do a patch test and wait 24 hours before applying anything all over your face.

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I hope my blog of the day helps you find a new product that will give you that summer glow! Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Also, if you have found other ways of using Tea Tree Oil onto your face for your acne or something else, please let me know!


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  1. Henderson says:

    Very sunny summer indeed and if one doesn’t take safety precautions, it’s very possible for one to get bad rashes on the skin. Sun burn is also very imminent in times like this. I think get the tea oil for my skin too. Just like you, I have a nice oily skin so making use of this will dehydrate my skin. I don’t know if I can say away from the sugary drinks but I’ll definitely try. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Nia says:


      Thank you so much Henderson! Let me know how it works on your skin. One margarita won’t harm anyone, haha. 

  2. MissusB says:

    I am gonna try out Tea tree oil as a spot treatment. Few weeks ago, I had a serious breakout. I just continued my regular wash, tone and moisture routine but the last would be putting a bit of antibacterial cream on large pimples. It healed on its own but my problem now are the dark marks it left. Good thing I have a small bottle of tea tree at home which I mainly use for my dandruff. I just put like 3 drops of it everytime I shampoo. It helped me get rid of flakes on my scalp. A lot can really be benefited from this oil especially for the skin and hair. Thanks for your advice. It’s really timely for my pimple marks.

    1. Nia says:

      Hi Missus, 

      Please try it and let me know how it worked for you. I never knew about using tea tree oil with your shampoo for dandruff, interesting. Thanks for letting me know. I do know that there are many benefits by using it. Thanks again!

  3. DorcasW says:

    Hello; Tea Tree Oil must be something not so popular as yet as I had not heard about it before reading your post. However, from your description and the benefits, you gained from using Tea Tree Oil in the hot summer days it would be an injustice to me if I do not try out the product for myself.

     I have to be out in the blazing sun some times during the summer season I need something as you described to sheen my skin. Thank you much.


    1. Nia says:

      Hi Dorcas, 

      You definitely need to try it especially if you’re getting any breakouts on your skin. It’s been very beneficial for my skin that I knew it was only right for me to share with my readers. Let me know what you think about TTO once you try it. Thanks and you’re welcome!

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